CleanLid Single Touch Lid Dispenser

Single touch lid dispenser for enhanced hygiene

CleanLid Single Touch Lid Dispenser is made in-house from unbreakable, fire retardant and food grade plastic. This display overcomes the common problem of cross handling of coffee lids by numerous consumers by providing single lid automatic gravity feed dispensing. Unique to VRM and developed by our own design team for mass market use.

The CleanLid Dispenser is available in different widths covering 8 wide and 12 wide lids. The front panel can be customised with your own graphic.

CleanLid offers peace of mind to consumers when purchasing take away hot drinks. The lids are dispensed in singles greatly reducing the potential for cross contamination. Health conscious consumers are more likely to purchase products where there is a visible and obvious effort on the retailers part to reduce the spread of hand based bacteria.

CleanLid demonstrates a strong commitment to hygiene and customer safety.

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