Shopline fashion display system

Easy to fit, cost effective fashion display system

We are the Irish sales agents for Shopline, a high quality easy to install and cost effective fashion display system. The system consists of an upright which goes directly onto the wall without the need for backing support systems, and a range of cross bars and accessories that work off it. Easy to fit, cost effective and delivers a modern premium finish. Available in different colours – not just chrome!

The Shopline Wall Up system is a metal upright wall system mounted to the backwall on two points and to the floor on one point. It can be used with widths of 60cm, 90cm, and 120cm. It is an aesthetic, simple, functional and economical wall system that you can use in your stores. You can enhance the system with a variety of shelves, accessories panels, intermediate panels, illuminated visuals, front hangers, prongs, accessories display boxes and achieve attractive and stylish results.

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